Picking classes for eighth grade

Susanna Fertel, Reporter

On Tuesday, January 29, 7th grade Counselors came to science classrooms to talk about and help students with their course selection for the next year.

The counselors talked about standard diploma requirements and advanced studies diploma requirements for high school, before they talked about eighth grade courses. Then, they moved on into eighth grade information. The counselors talked about the five required classes for eighth grade:  Algebra, Science, Civics, and English.

Next, they talked about elective choices for eighth grade such as family and consumer sciences, technology classes, world languages classes, and many more. The counselors also mentioned support classes like Read 180, for students who need extra help in a subject.  After the Counselors explained what courses students can take in eighth grade, they gave every student a white and yellow paper, so students could select the classes the students would like to take in the following year.

At the end of class, the counselors collected the white papers and asked the students if they had any questions; when all the students questions were answered, the counselors left the class to the Science teachers, who dismissed the class.