Maggie Minks, Reporter

Do you like to draw? Want to have your art featured in the school? Then you should enter the Yearbook contest! The winner’s art will be featured in the yearbook! The criteria is to do it in ink on an 8″x 11″ sheet of white paper, the due date is to turn it in too Mr. Dickinson by October 11th 2019. The winner will be announced around a week or so after that. The theme is to choose your own path, and it needs to have Stone Middle School 2019-2020 on it. 

Mr. Dickinson’s tips are, “Do a simple design. Complicated ideas are more difficult to pull off; and get it in by the due date, make sure you add color, and do the idea. There is no set idea of what we want. [We] make sure we can take everyone’s options and choose the best one. Try to do different designs to see what you can do and want. Be neat because the less neat it is the less likely it is to be chosen. Make sure to have fun and [that it] looks like you had fun.”


 Mr.Dickinson (Yearbook club teacher) next to the contest flyer.