After school is…

Margaret Minks, Reporter


Mr. Anderson

After school is fun, cool, amazing, boring, etc, etc. Mr. Anderson has an after school program in his office or room 141.

In his room he has an Nintendo Switch, an Xbox, PS4, and other games. On Mondays and Fridays he gives his students snacks and juice, and then a few days every week there is a block before you can go to the after school room and it’s called academic block. 

Academic block is where you can finish homework, play games and just talk with your friends! Kind of like Panther block! I interviewed some people about what they thought of Academic block and the after school room.

7th grader Chris says “Academic block is fun because when you are done you can play Uno or walk around.”  7th Grader Aliah says “The after school room is fun because there is video games and comfy seating.” 8th grader Breez says “I wish it was shorter because we already spend 6-7 hours on school. Karina and Joel say  “The after school room is cool.”

So Maybe you should stay after school! You might just get hooked!