No time for fake friends!

Harrison-Ward, Reporter

Today Stone MS made time for our students to get a healthy dose of inspiration and energy from The Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly.  The three-man team, led by Jason Lewis brought the music, they brought the energy, and they dropped some knowledge on our students.  A native of  D.C.-Maryland, Lewis (a.k.a. Humble Tip) graduated with his Masters Degree in Health and Wellness from Liberty University, and then began his journey inspiring young people.  Lewis and his Beautiful Tomorrow team travels across the United States motivating middle and high school students to not listen to the negative people and fake friends, but to surround themselves with positive people and real friends.  At a time in which our nation is grappling with the effects of so much negativity, The Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly is spreading positive messages to our future leaders.  We all can be inspired by them.  Remember, love yourself, accomplish your dreams and goals, and no one’s got time for fake friends!