On this past Tuesday students had the opportunity to tour the C-SPAN bus.

Comments on the C-SPAN Bus:

Touring the C-span bus was fun and very interesting. I enjoyed seeing all the technology and how they record live events. I enjoyed how they get to travel all over the world in a bus to by in live events. Seeing and touring the C-span was fun and I hope we can do it again. — Jonah M.

In my opinion, the C-SPAN Bus was a great experience for the kids involved. Kids were allowed to ask the reporters questions about news stuff. We were allowed to take quizzes  and earn prizes. When we were on the bus they told how they do there interviews. They said they can’t do them while they are moving so they have to park somewhere. — Suzanna W.

I think the C-span bus was cool and it was a great experience. — Thomas D.