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Haley H,  plays volleyball in a private league (SYA). She was practicing her serve on Wednesday in the gym.

Haley H, plays volleyball in a private league (SYA). She was practicing her serve on Wednesday in the gym.

Claire M., Staff Writer

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The Stone Volleyball team is at the top of their game!  The players are very hardworking and have won all of their matches in the past.


The Stone Volleyball team consists of 14 players, 11 girls and 3 boys.  The coach is Mr. Anderson, he trains the players in drills and workouts on Wednesdays and some Fridays.  Also, every game they’ve played, they’ve won!  Even better, they’ve won by a huge lead every time!  


There are also many positives of playing volleyball, one of them is making new friends.  Chances are you’ll make new friends because you have an interest in volleyball, Gianna G, 8th grade said,“You make new friends and it helps you get your skills up!”  Another benefit of playing volleyball is that it builds your muscles.  You are building your leg muscles when you squat down to receive the ball.  You also build your arm muscles when you bump the ball and you build tolerance.


Some of the main moves in volleyball are bumping, setting, spiking, digging, blocking, and serving!  There are 4 kinds of serving: underhand, overhand, side serve, and jump serve.  The two most common serves are underhand and overhand.  For an  underhand serve you hold the ball in your non dominant hand, then you take your dominate hand and create a fist and swing forward.  The overhand is more complex; You throw the ball up with your non dominate hand in the air, and hit with your dominate hand! Bumping is the main form of attack in volleyball.  You have to lock both of your arms together, one over the other.  Next is the set; to do this, you make a hershey kiss shape with your hands and put them above your head to receive the ball high in the air.
Now along with all of the pros of playing volleyball, there are cons too.  For one, you don’t really run around a lot in volleyball, it’s more of just a stand still game.  Also, there are lots of rules that are confusing for the players.  For example, some people argue about whether the ball was in or out-of-bounds, but a way to overcome that is just accept that sometimes the call won’t go the way you want it to go.  Also, a way to overcome not moving in volleyball is, just go outside for a run or jog.  In conclusion, volleyball is a great way to make new friends and exercise your mind and body, and I think everyone on the volleyball team would agree.

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Panther News Set in Stone
Stone’s Volleyball Team