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What's on the Paw


Suzanna Walser and Destiny Murillo-Mejia

March 2, 2020

All-star Kobe Bryant, was tragically killed in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Kobe Bryant was so much more than a partner in Mamba Sports Academy. He was a caring father, husband, coach. Kobe was loved not only by his ...

Urban Myths

Sophia Mitolo, Staff Reporter

February 12, 2020

 Urban myths are all over the place. They can be a huge stretch or as simple as why we never see the adults in Charlie Brown. Many of the things that many of us believe at some point or still do are all urban myths-- like  g...

Stone Riddles of the Month

Destiny Murillo-Mejia, Reporter

February 6, 2020

There's a boy with a ball, he goes outside and kicks it ten feet away and then it comes back.  How? Answer : He kicked it up.   There's a one story house and everything is blue inside, the table, the ca,t an...

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Harrison-Ward, Editor-in-Chief

January 24, 2020

As we approach Black History Month, it is important to recognize the necessity and relevance of the impact of African-American fraternities and sororities.  With the exception of two, these organizations were founded at HBCUs (historic...


December 19, 2019

I am pleased to be publishing our third issue of the What's on the Paw for this school year.  As I looked back at photos that I have taken since October, I realized that there are several that did not make it into the new...

Thoughts from the Editor-in-Chief

Harrison-Ward, Editor-in-Chief

October 10, 2019

I am thrilled with the enthusiasm that this year's news reporters bring!  This is my second year as the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Middle School's newspaper, What's on the Paw.  I hope that this year we will become a relevant...

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