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Fabrizio B
Fabrizio B. is an 8th grader at Ormond Stone Middle School.  He is passionate about his dogs, Toffee and Travis, and soccer.  Fabrizio’s favorite leisure activity is playing video games all day.  Fabrizio’s favorite TV, show is Modern Family because it has a lot of known actors.  Fabrizio would love to meet Shonduras, a well known youtuber who is fun and energetic.  Words that Fabrizio lives by are, “nobody's perfect because you just have to be yourself and not like everyone else.”  Three things that Fabrizio couldn’t live without include his phone, friends, and his family.  Three words that describe Fabrizio are fun, smart, energetic.  Fabrizio thinks the best things at Stone Middle School, are the students and how each student is different.

Fabrizio B., Staff Writer

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