The Stone Tablet

Marissa C.
Marissa C (7th grade) attends Stone MS. She is passionate about theater and dance. Marissa’s favorite leisure activity is watching Netflix because she  likes to be able to watch TV without commercials while watching her brother. Marissa’s favorite TV show is “Gilmore Girls” because she loves the humor and storyline. Marissa would love to meet Idina Menzel because she is an amazing actress and singer. She has always looked up to her and would feel inspired just being in the same room as her. “You can’t overdose on music,” are the words that Marissa lives by.  Three things that Marissa can’t live without are her family, friends, and most of all, her phone.  She believes that weird, sarcastic, and artistic are the best three words to describe her. The thing that she believes is best about Stone is the variety of personalities you can find  just by walking down the hall.  

Marissa C., Staff Writer

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