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Mia Carranza
Mia  Carranza is in the 7th grade at Stone Middle School. She is passionate about singing and dancing. Mia’s favorite leisure activity is reading and she doesn't have a favorite movie or TV show. She would love to meet Emma Watson.  Words that Mia lives by are are a quote by Bill Gates, “I always choose a lazy person to do a hard job because they will always find an easy way to do it.” Because she feels like she can personally relate to this. Three thing that she can't live without are food (which she feels is an obvious one), books because she can't live without them, and last but not least music because it's part of her life.  Three words that describe her are social, crazy, smart. So far her favorite thing about Stone Middle School is the food because here they give her options.

Mia Carranza, Reporter

Dec 13, 2018
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