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Nicole B.
Nicole B. is in 7th grade at Stone Middle School.  She loves to read and her favorite topic that she loves to read about would be mystery.  Her favorite author is Ally Carter and she loves this author because she wrote  her favorite series,The Gallagher Girls. One thing that Nicole is passionate about is gymnastics because  she has been doing it .since third grade, when she was 9 years old.   She would love to meet Jessie Peige because she loves all other YouTube videos that she makes.,   Her favorite TV shows include  Riverdale, .Criminal Minds, and Vampire Diaries . The three things that Nicole absolutely can't live without are her phone., french fries,  and candy.   Nicole absolutely lives for candy, especially sour patch kids and rock candy sticks .Words that she lives by are, “Dream, Believe, Achieve.”  Nicole describes herself as crazy , interesting,  and nice.  One thing that she thinks is the best about Stone are the teachers because they help us learn and teach us what we need to know.    

Nicole B., Staff Writer

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