What's on the Paw

2018-2019 Staff

Cody Tederick


Cody Tederick is in the 7th grade at Stone Middle School. He is passionate about directing. His favorite leisure activity is playing video games. His favorite TV show is stranger things because it really leaves you hanging. H...

Jadzia Bangerter


Jadzia Bangerter is in the 7th grade at Stone Middle School. She is passionate dancing ballet and modern. Her favorite leisure activity is making youtube videos because she loves creating content and sharing ideas with others....

Susanna Fertel


Susanna Fertel is a 7th grader here at Stone Middle school. Susanna is passionate about acting, reading, and writing. In her free time, Susanna likes to sing and dance. She is also passionate about singing and wants to improve he...

Denis Korobov

Reporter and Photographer

My name is Denis Korobov. I am in 8th grade.  I'm passionate about anything that is fun; and I like drama, anime, and photography.  My favorite leisure activity is taking pictures.  My favorite TV show is Naruto.  I would love to meet ...

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