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Sabbar M.
Sabbar M. is an 8th grader at Stone Middle school.Her passion is writing stories and her favorite leisure activity is reading.  She would love to meet Quaid-e-Azam if she could. Quaid-e-Azam’s real name is Muhammad Ali Jinnah  and for respect Pakistanis call him Quaid-e-Azam because he founded Pakistan.  The quote she lives by is, “before you judge someone take a walk in their shoes, before you gossip about someone take a good look at your own life.” The three things she couldn't live without are her family, T.V., and a phone.  What she loves best about Stone are the elective choices that Stone offers.Three words that would best describe her are caring, loyal and patient. Her favorite T.V show is Teen Bahadur a movie set in Pakistan about three heroes who rise to a challenge to bring back the light.

Sabbar M., Staff Writer

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